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Nonwovens occupy an important position



The nonwoven fabric is a nonwoven fabric which is used to directly use the polymer chips, short fibers or filaments to pass the fibers through air or mechanical webs, and then through spunlace, needle

Nonwovens play an important role in industrial textiles.  A multi-purpose innovative nonwovens called Evolon, developed by the Freudenberg nonwovens group.  Production process is a collection of filament extrusion, jet network, filament fibrillation and hydraulic network technology, a one-stop production line. At least two companies in Europe are also doing the same research, but Freudenberg first in the pilot production line to produce 150 cm wide products, and plans this year will be built industrial-scale factories, in 2002 will be around the world Promote popularization.  Germany to engage in this advanced process line, the polymer particles squeeze, melting, to produce a layer of two-component filament, and then laying a net, and then continuously through the hydraulic network tangled. The initial development is the use of nylon / polyester bicomponent filament or copolyester, due to the hydraulic network process nozzle high pressure water jet, two-component fiber is separated into a single or curled microfibers, fineness of 0.2 ~ 0.05 dtex. As a result, it becomes a soft and drape nonwoven fabric. The fabric has a isotonic structure and the filament's high tensile strength and tear resistance properties. The fabric is now fabricated in a weight of 90 to 300 g / m and will soon be produced in a slim form with a weight of about 40 g / m. Evolon does not loose, can carry out cashmere, printing, dyeing and other finishing. The use of different polymer additives and change the spinning process parameters, can still get different performance products. Can be hydrophobic and hydrophilic treatment, made both breathable and permeable, and the price is also a competitive fabric. Potential applications include car decoration, slogan billboards, gas filters, wound dressing materials, footwear, luggage bags, simple clothing fabrics and linings. There are also two European machinery manufacturers involved in the development of nonwovens hydraulic network system. Fleissner has received 21 orders for the hydraulic network, including the world's widest 5 meters of equipment, there are two orders from Brazil.  German machinery manufacturers said that their equipment is low energy consumption but the network effect is the best, made of nonwovens with high strength. Aqu ajet system is the use of the device, received a good effect.  Fleissner has also worked with US Hills and Ason Engineering to develop two-component filament equipment, and another collaborative development project is to work with Dan-Webforming International A / S to create a water network air distribution line to replace the traditional Of the resin bonding method,  the hydraulic network is environmentally friendly and the product soft and comfortable. France ICBT Perfojet exhibited their latest type of Jeflace2000 (spray nozzle network) and Airlace2000 (air into the network) unit equipment.  The French company also offers highly innovative Spunjet production lines. This is a spunbond production line, is a complete closed unit,  simple operation,  easy to expand production. Sales manager Andre Michalon said the first spinning production line has been ordered by European users.