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  • 产品名称: laminated nonwovens
  • Product number: LD-E*1*.
  • Product material: PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene)
  • Specification| weight: 26g-250g/m2
  • Breadth: it can be customized within the range of 2400mm
  • Appearance and structure: decorative pattern
  • Color: White
  • Executive standard: FZ/P64004-93

Main uses: surgical drapes, medical bed sheets, maternity napkins, bed spreads; protective cover of medical devices;

Performance features:

(1) non-irritant, anallergic, no scraps falling, PP nonwovens as the base layer, compounded with PE film, have an excellent barrier property, and can effectively obstruct the contamination of positions outside the wounds by blood, fester and bacteria during the operation;

(2) Excellent air permeability;

(3) soft texture, good drapability

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