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Application of Nonwovens in Industry

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China's textile industry is divided into sixteen categories, the current non-woven fabric in most categories have a certain share, such as medical, health, environmental protection, geotechnical, construction, automotive, agriculture, industry, safety, synthetic leather, packaging , Furniture, military and so on. In the fields of health, environmental protection, geotechnical construction, artificial leather, automobile, industry, packaging and furniture, nonwovens have occupied a large proportion and have been widely used in medical, agriculture, canopy, protection, military and other fields, Has also reached a certain market penetration rate. Hygiene materials Sanitary materials include daily use of diapers and sanitary napkins, adult incontinence products, baby care wipes, household and public places with clean wipes, wines and so on. Women's sanitary napkins are the fastest growing products in China's hygiene products and the highest market penetration rate. Since the beginning of the 1990s, the development speed has been remarkable. By 2001, the market penetration rate has exceeded 52% and the consumption has reached 33 billion, It is expected that by 2005 its market penetration rate can reach 60%, consumption reached 38.8 billion. With its development, its fabric, structure and built-in absorbent materials have also undergone a revolutionary change, fabric and side of the anti-seepage parts commonly used hot air, hot rolled, fine denier nonwoven fabric and SM S (spunbond / Meltblown / spunbond) composite materials, the internal absorption of materials is also widely used in SAP superabsorbent polymer slurry air into the network forming ultra-thin materials; baby diapers market penetration is still relatively low, but in recent But also in the adult incontinence products, baby care wipes, household and public facilities with clean wipes, etc., the domestic penetration rate is not high, some spunlace nonwovens manufacturers of water production Piercing cloth for the export. China's population and the popularity of health materials is still low

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